Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Reading Into Things

So driving home from work today I see this sign
Now to most folks it wouldn't mean much.

To me?

It means Damian Orlando.

Don't know him? Sad Sad

He is the main character in a book titled (really? you haven't guessed yet? Nobody's Perfect) by Kallypso Masters.

Now, Ms Masters doesn't write for kids and teens. She writes for grown ups... realistic romances with dominant males and the women who uhmmm well better not say too much!

Her Rescue Me series is HOT. OH MY! Is it ever.

It starts with a short intro type story that sets up the books that follow. These are meant to read in order because the characters overlap. (Which on a personal note, I love.) It is called "Masters at Arms" and oh are they masterful.

The first full book of the series is Marc and Angelina's story and is entitled "Nobody's Angel". It is followed by Adam and Karla in "Nobody's Hero".

Damian and Savi are featured in "Nobody's Perfect" and I hear that there are at least three more books planned.

Yeah, you can bet I will be reading those when they are published!

CONTENT WARNING: These books feature BDSM and while I know that isn't for everyone, I will say these are very well written and actually have a story that you, the reader, can get lost in. It's not just sex and kink, it's romance and character development as well.

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