Friday, July 12, 2013

We're Not Breaking Up Kate,

But I'm seeing someone new. 

Her name is Lilly. 

Ah yes, we all know of my love for all things Kate Spade. And I have, I think, at least two of her day planners. 

But there is a new girl in town and thanks to the interns I had in June and July, I got to meet her. Her name is Lilly Pulitzer. 

The intern with me the longest, Brit, had the next size down of the gorgeous LuLu (the design of the agenda). 

There were three to choose from and I liked this one the best. It has pockets in the front. (Yay!) 

There is a monthly calendar and there is a daily section as well. It starts August 1, 2013 and goes through December 31, 2014. 

I liked the bigger size so that I can do away with all the other planners and this one can do it all. Both work and personal planning. 

I can't wait for August 1!

But don't worry Kate. I still love you!  There just might be a Lilly planner in my favorite Kate Spade purse! 

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