Saturday, July 20, 2013

Beyond Frustrated

If I could afford a thousand dollar lawn mower I guess I wouldn't have these problems. But I cannot. But just because I buy a lower end model... it should work at least ONCE out of the damn box.
But as you can see, the pull cord is hanging all the way out.

Because it will pull but it won't start and it won't rewind. It has gas and oil and I just bought it this afternoon. 

Because the old one.. that was just fixed..

Only worked once after I got the carbeurator or however the hell it is spelled, fixed.

Even paid extra to put a filter on it so that it wouldn't clog with dirt again.


 I am seriously, SERIOUSLY considering synthetic turf in.

Saw it on HGTV the other day and oh my goodness it looked awesome. And it didn't have to be mowed. 

Since I moved into this house when my beloved mother died, I have had nothing but problems with lawn mowers.

I am so sick and damn tired of it.

 I was looking forward to mowing the yard today.

 Now I just wanna set fire to it.

 Maybe I'll pull it all up and throw down a weed liner and put pavers and rocks down and get rid of all the  damn grass.

 Can we tell I am far and beyond frustrated?

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