Monday, July 29, 2013

Author Love

So I follow author Amanda Bennett on facebook....I have read several of her books and am working my way through the Raine Series.

She put out a request this morning for bloggers....

I need a nice big group of bloggers to help with some promotional stuff for Unbreakable Hearts and The Raine Series combo pack! 

 Since I like her stuff and I am a nice blogger (I promise! I am!) I offered to help.

With all the books I have been reading lately.. it is a nice way to thank authors for writing such awesome books!

 She is getting ready to do a combo pack... and let me interrupt by saying I love a good combo pack.

Because invariably, I start one in a series and I know I am going to want to read them all. I like in a combo pack they are all right there together.

I love e-reading. I read most of my books these days on my Kindle app on my iPad. It is always with me so it's like carrying my library everywhere I go.


I will warn you.... these are for a more mature audience. So they may not be for everyone.. certainly one should be over 18 before reading!

I can't wait to get started on the Unbreakable series....

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