Monday, July 8, 2013

Accidentally Trendy

We all know I don't normally follow the trends.

 For one, that can get expensive.
 And an even bigger two-- I generally don't like something if everyone else does.

Call me crazy.

No, go ahead. It's ok. It certainly wont be the first time I hear it.

 I can wait.

Having said all that, I think I might be on the fringe of a trend here folks.

 I am in the process of planning a party for July 27.

 There is even a theme-- French Country Cottage.

 (Cute right! I know!)

But in scouring the web (yes, I mean you Pinterest) I found all sorts of pretty french country tablescapes that included the blue mason jars.

I thought to myself, wow those look cool. That would look great holding pretty flowers for my party. I thought while out at thrift stores and the like I would keep my eyes open for a good deal.

Then I looked in the display cabinets in the kitchen... stuff my Mother, z'l, had collected over the years.

Are you ready?

There were all sorts of mason jars... some white and some blue.

Even better? There were different styles of blue mason jars. A tall skinnier one that I've never seen before but is gorgeous and several smaller blue.

Yes this evening will find me on hands and knees looking in the far recesses of the two cabinets to see what else might be hiding there.

So I'll end up being a little trendy after all.

Quite accidentally.

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