Friday, July 26, 2013

Awesome Day

So my sister and niece number 1 came up from Gulf Shores today. 

My first house guests in almost three years. 

We had lunch at TGIFridays. 

Got pedicures. At least Bailee (Niece Number1) and I did. My sister doesn't "do" feet. 

Oh and niece numbering above is based on chronology and chronology only. I love them equally and massively. 

From there we headed to SAMs for food for tomorrow's party. My first party ever. 

Then we came home and dropped that food off before heading back out to go swimsuit shopping for Miss Bailee. 

They rested after we got home and I mowed the front yard. 

More on that in just a bit! 

Exhausted but with family in the very clean house with the very mowed yard!

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  1. Sounds like a good day for you, Rhonda, and Bailee...have a great wweekend with family.