Saturday, July 27, 2013

My First Party

I had my first ever party today.

Yes, growing up I did have birthday parties but my Mama, z'l, planned those.

It was a vaguely French theme.... my sister and I were born in France....

I could not have done this without the help of my sister, Rhonda and my niece Bailee. 

Even though my sister in law could not be present, the bouquet I caught at her wedding made a nice centerpiece in the french while pitcher that sat in the middle of the table. 

The best punch maker ever!

My collection of Eiffel Towers and Arch de Triomphes had to make an appearance. 

I had to get a couple of the food laden tables. Actually had to open my Swedish butterfly table all the way out!

This picture doesn't include the individual key lime tarts that Nonie made. I shall get a picture of one of those before they get all eaten.... Hopefully

Of course I had to get some pictures of my gorgeous niece. I loved this dress!! It has a cut out in the back and I had to get a picture of that back.

But when I went to get it, she reached back and turned the light on. Just as I hit the button. It made for a gorgeous picture!

I just had to grab another one of the two of them. I hope they had a great time and that they both think it was worth the four hour drive up to spend the weekend and help me out! It made all the difference having them here!

Yes, one last picture of the food!

Can't forget to have a picture of the doggy. He had to go outside during the party because one of my guests is allergic to doggy's. Oh how glad I am that I am not allergic to my Harley.

We tried to make up for it with a lot of extra play time when he came back in. 

But now I can say I have had my first party. Will be doing it again but glad I get to do it later on! 


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