Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Lunching at Meritage

Nonie and I went to lunch at Meritage today.

We don't normally go out to lunch anymore since we went to four day work weeks and a half hour lunch. But the boss has been raving about the place all week so we had to try.

I ordered a half sandwich-- the Paola Uccello and spinach salad.

I discovered today I am not a great big fan of gorgonzola cheese. It's ok but I would have rather had feta.

 It was delicious. And the salad comes with dried berries and toasted almonds... but I prefer my spinach without those things so I had them leave them off. And I didn't use the vinaigrette either.

The Paola Uccello is grilled chicken, bacon, romaine lettuce with Caesar dressing  on a Ciabetta loaf. I, of course, took the bacon off!

It was yummy!

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