Friday, July 19, 2013

Uh oh!

Someone came home from work Thursday and did a few things around the house and fell asleep without doing a Thursday post for NaBloPoMo.

 I hate that I missed a day but as punishment (ok I so shouldn't have said that!)

 I shall do two today.

 To make up for it.

 I even think I took a picture yesterday that was going to be my post. If I had been smart enough to get a picture of the doggy Wednesday when I came home from work I could have posted that.

 I can't believe I didn't get that picture. He got busted sleeping on my new bed while I was at work.

How do I know?

 Because when he came to greet me the knitted throw that Mrs. Mesa made me was caught on his dog collar. Right where the tags are.

It was flowing behind him like a superhero cape. If it had been red it just might have been.

 But I think he is doggy enough to be ok with a lavender superhero cape.

 Don't you?

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