Tuesday, July 9, 2013


As many of you know, I have degenerative disk disease and lower lumbar arthritis.

To say I am in constant chronic pain is not over dramatizing the situation. 

Some days are better than others but for the most part all nights - well, suck. 

My mattress is very old and it probably wasn't top of the line to begin with. But I've made do. 

Good mattresses are expensive. 

There used to be a brand that was designed for my particular pain issues. 

Should have bought it when I found it 18 months ago. Because it isn't sold here anymore. 

And if you think buying a good mattress is expensive, try ordering one online and having it shipped!  Ha! 

Fast forward to my very recent house refi. Now I normally wouldn't have done it, but it lowered my interest rate about 1.75%. And a substantially lowered house payment. Now my interest rate is never going to go lower than it is now. I can see the rates getting ready to go back up. 

My bank rewarded me with a gift card for going through the process. And it paid for all of the new queen size mattress and box springs. I had to add about 75 bucks for the plush mattress protector (gotta protect the investment after all) and tax. 

Yes, I could have put the card to gas or groceries or something but I thought long and hard about it. 

Two weeks ago, as an example, I spent three full nights awake because of the pain and the lack of the mattress to provide me the proper care and support. 

More and more studies show the need for adequate, recuperative sleep. 

I can tell you quite honestly I don't even know what that feels like. 

But I have a job that I love. It requires me to be on my creative game daily. It requires attention to detail and facts. 

Try doing that well when you haven't slept in days. 

I realized that the good a day can be is based on how well one sleeps each night. 

A good mattress that helps you sleep helps keep you healthy and should be considered an investment. 

So today found me trying them out. I sat on one very high end and it was so uncomfortable that I knew I didn't even want to lie down. 

I tried two the salesman recommended. They were ok but didn't fill me with much excitement. 

About ready to leave, I made another pass and found one that looked amazing. I read the notes and started to feel a flicker. I reached out and touched it with my right hand and was very pleasantly surprised. It felt awesome. 

So I sat my purse aside and laid down. 


Not quite as good as the dream mattress, but it didn't miss it by much. 

The sales guy sold one right before me and we were all talking about it. The sales man has the same bed and also suffers from low back pain. He said it takes about three days to conform to your body but after that it supports you so fully that he doesn't even toss and turn. He wakes up in the same spot he falls asleep in. 

Music to my ears as all I do is toss and turn and trust me, you don't get rest that way. 

Yeah I could have done something more wise in some people's opinions, but you know what? 

This was unexpected money and it had not been previously budgeted for. So I'm not going to feel guilty for replacing a 20 year old mattress that didn't meet my needs. To buy a reasonably priced mattress that has the potential to help make my sleep patterns turn to the positive 

Now the picture above isn't a true representative of the one I bought. I grabbed a web pic. You can bet I will snap a picture after it is delivered Friday! Should have taken one in the store. 

What was I thinking? Oh yeah, about how much I wanted a nap. 

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