Sunday, August 25, 2013

Real Food

So, in an effort to fully take control of the crazy woman who lives inside me.

You know the one? The one who lets me skip meals (sometimes for days) and guzzle Diet Coke like it uhmm, water?

The one who just grabs something convenient after a 12 hour day because that is easier than actually preparing a meal?

Well, she has to go. For good.

I have found a group of like minded people and post frequently in a facebook group that led me to the concept of Real Food. I have heard all sorts of different things about Paleo this and unprocessed that.

But honestly?

The diet coke guzzling witch wouldn't let me pay a lot of attention.

But my facebook group has a September challenge- a week long challenge right after labor day- to eat clean.

I know I need to do it longer than a week and in researching and preparing for said challenge, I found a website called 100 Days of Real Food. The link takes you to the start here page. That is where I am.


I have just about cleaned out the fridge and will be tacking the cabinets next. It isn't something you just jump into!

On the  100 Days website, I found a link to Christine Avanti's book. I read the sample (twice) and realized I actually want to read the whole book and really invest the time and effort and do this right.  

I am interested to see where this experiment will go... and I plan to track my progress and backslides (the Diet Coke witch is a strong, powerful force, ya know?!) Although the stronger and healthier I become in the real food, the fewer backslides will become fewer and farther between. 

And maybe then the diet coke witch will be fully dead!

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