Friday, August 16, 2013

Arriving in Savannah

It is a good thing I don't mind fancy.  

The trip went pretty fast until after I stopped in Metter. I got a latte and stopped to look at the lake across the street..

I even had a little company. 

Metter is about 70 miles or so from Savannah.  And I thought I was in the home stretch. 

That will teach me. 

About 10 or 20 miles outside of Savannah, the skies opened up. Horrendously so!

We were all going about 10 miles per hour and we all had our hazard lights on. 

I almost pulled over. I absolutely could not see the road. But like I always told my Mama, if I stop it will rain forever. If I keep going, maybe I will drive out of it. 

Finding unknown exits when you can't see the road is a joke. GPS didn't know exactly where my hotel was and told me "you have reached your destination" a good two miles before I actually reached my destination. 

The room is clean. Is dry. (Thank God, after all the water today.). It has a kitchenette (not that I will need it) and a bathroom. Even better, they have free wifi. 

When you turn off the harsh overhead light, the red glass ball on the table lamp and that light bounced off the cranberry colored walls. It makes me feel like I am in a bordello. Not that I have ever been in a bordello, mind you. But I do read.

And red fits in with the theme of the weekend. I get to meet Red Phoenix tomorrow!  Have breakfast with her and then attend a book signing. Tomorrow is going to be awesome!  So the red is a good sign!

In all my years of hotel staying. And we are talking a lot of years. This is the first time I had the phone ring and have the front desk ask me I got settled in ok and if I needed anything.  Wow! 


This post is being posted from my blogger app on my iPad. Hopefully that won't mess things up too much. I will fix any problems when I get back to my laptop. 

I didn't even bring it with me since all my focus tomorrow will be on Red and maybe Kallypso Masters if I can find her at the AAD Conference book signing and there didn't seem to be much point just for one evening. Anything else I need to do I can do from my iPad. 

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