Saturday, August 17, 2013

A Private Session With Red Phoenix

If you follow my adventures on Facebook, then you saw the pictures I posted throughout the day. I am putting them here as a journaling, so to speak...

We were given pins with this on it-- to signify a face to face meeting!

All ready to check out of my hotel and head to the Fan Breakfast.

The tables all ready for us fans!

Red loves her masks... and wears them --- mystique and mystery... 

Me and Red! 

The front table. Complete with it's own mask!

Red answering our questions. We all submitted three when we entered to win a spot at the breakfast!

Red making sure all our door prize entries were all stirred up before J drew names. (I never expect to win anything drawn like this.. I think in 47-- ok almost 48 years it has NEVER happened.)

The masks from our table. J gave me permission to take them with me... so they may or may not be here in the house. 

Talk about a milestone. I have only read her books electronically but I purchased this one and another one and Red signed them. They were the first books she had signed. I didn't know about that until after the signing and I have to admit, I like it. To see Red's comments on the picture, see here

Oh wait, this was taken in the car-- at the gas station in Savannah where I filled up. My friend Bill wondered where my mask was after seeing a picture of Red.... I actually had a pic of me in a mask to show him!

And yes, I read most of my books on my iPad. And I have read all of Red's on my iPad so it made sense to have her sign that! A metallic sharpie-- in pink. Alas, no red! But I think it is so cool to have an autographed iPad!

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