Monday, August 5, 2013

Literary Sideline

The literary sideline is doing so well, I had to pull out the google calendar app just to track when I received manuscripts, what chapters I was editing and reviewing for which author.

It will help me schedule various author promo's and that sort of thing!

 It is also helping me make sure that all the authors are being taken care of equally.

 I participate in my first blog tour on the 15th. I am about half way through the book.

 OK I would probably be done but I did have to go to bed last night since the real world job has to take precedence! Because all of a sudden, the book is just good!! But more on that the 15th!

I also decided that I need to come up with some sort of icon-- an avatar of sorts... Something that separates my blog facebook page from my regular facebook page. Right now they are using the same picture and if I am confused.... then I can only imagine how everyone else must be.

It was easier at the old site-- throw some dragonflies in and I was good to go!

But I want something else. Some different. Something that speaks to who I am now... even the mysterious parts I don't show to others.

So see? No pressure there.

The goal is to have designed it by the blog tour on the 15th. That should give me plenty of time and even a whole weekend to play with different ideas!

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