Friday, August 9, 2013

Columbus Cottage #6 Demolition

Yesterday we held the demolition for the 6th Columbus Cottage!

I took 150 pictures.

People I was there less than an hour.

And I took 150 pictures. 


Don't worry, I won't share all 150 of them with you. I didn't on facebook either. It's just that I wanted to capture every moment and then pull out those that illustrated the essence of the event. 

Mary Jenkins on the right as the ceremony is set to begin. This has been her home for over 3 decades and it is not easy to watch it coming down. 


Cathy Williams (L) President and CEO of NeighborWorks Columbus with Mayor Teresa Tomlinson (R) of the Columbus Consolidated Government

This is Mayor Tomlinson's third time on the front end loader, I think it is. We always call it a bulldozer but I have been told I am wrong. I don't pretend to know what it actually is!

Teresa  (the Mayor) actually spent more time up there taking the house down. But we promise, no Mayors were harmed in the making of this demolition. Cowboy was there with her the whole time. And no, before you ask, I do not know what Cowboy's real name is. 

See, I told you she loved this stuff. Tried to get a close up of the grin on her face. 

Climbing off to let the next person (you can see her behind Teresa). Her name is Susan and I honest to God think she brought the remainder of the house down in less than five blows. 

See Rebi get artistic focusing on the flowers in the foreground and the house in the background. This was right before Susan got behind the controls!

One hit and the porch was completely gone!

Number two pushed it almost all the way over!

Number three took care of the rest

And Cowboy finished it up

This is going to a very special house-- a first of it's kind to Columbus. But there will be more on that as construction begins!

For now, we celebrate the life of Mary Cooper Jenkins as we tear down her home to begin rebuilding her a new, safe, energy efficient home. 

The media has been a super friend on this home. 

We made the newspaper

We made YouTube

And the local TV stations even covered it.

Of course, I think my pictures are the best!


The logo for Cottage 6 is, in my opinion, the best yet! The shirt is lavender to signify all cancers and blue was used to represent colon cancer. 

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