Monday, November 11, 2013

Thank You Veterans

My Great Grandfather (Lawrence E. Myers) served in World War I and died shortly after my Mother was born (If I remember her stories correctly).

 My Grandfather (George Arnold Ponder) served in the Pacific Theater of World War II in the Navy... he lied about his age to go with my great Uncle (Pender Myers)....

My amazingly wonderful Uncle David served two tours in Vietnam in the US Navy.

My cousin Rick Knott served in the US Navy.

My friend Ed started his Army career in Vietnam and ended it after the first Gulf War...

My friend Bill Lee served in the US Army in Desert Storm.

My friends Joseph and Jacqueline Mesa both served in the US Army. Joe in Vietnam and Jackie stateside.

To all of you, and to the others that have served, thank you.

Ed Note: Thanks Aunt JoAnn for helping me get the names straight..... I had my greats mixed up!

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  1. Hey thanks for mentioning me Rebi... yes that was sarcasm. I do not need accolades for my service but it does hurt when you leave me out of a list of people that mean something to you .... I guess I just didn't mean that much.