Saturday, November 2, 2013

It's all about relationships...

As we all know, I am building a business.

Toward that end, I realize that in building that business, I have to build relationships.

If no one knows what I am doing, then how can anyone know what I am doing.

How can I build a client base if I do not get the word out? The best way I am learning, to get that word out is to share with others.

I have to share what I am doing and learn from others who have gone before me. I need to share with those I meet at conferences. I never really understood networking until, perhaps, today.

 On a completely unrelated matter, I reached out to a woman I had met at a conference. I was acting as go between for an author friend of mine and this contact could potentially provide a service.

 During the conversation I found out many details that would be of use to me in my Editing Business. I made some contacts that could potentially lead to future work.

But even if it doesn't, I have learned that sharing and building relationships is key in building a business.

I can't hide my light and shy away.

 I have to be confident and project the successful image I want others to see!

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  1. Now you are finally realizing the importance of 'using the force'.