Tuesday, November 12, 2013

No Spend November Update

I decided since it had been a few days since my last update that a new update was in order. 

We stopped at 11/3 on the last post so picking up right where we left off....

November 4


November 5


November 6

.99 for the BLA Gift Exchange (9.01 remaining of my allotted 10 bucks)

November 7

14.04 Pizza 
We got off work early and I made three meals out of that 14 bucks so I don't feel too badly. 

November 8

Groceries that included chicken and beer to take to a reception I was attending that evening with Bill. 

November 9


Girls Day to celebrate mine and Janet's November birthdays! Lunch tab picked up by the awesome and gracious Lori.

Shout Out to Yvonne who helped me be strong when I saw a scratch and dent corner curio that I really wanted! She reminded me of No Spend November and encouraged me to be strong!


November 10

November 11

November 12

Yearly Car Tag and Tax due today...... Can't not pay it!
Liberty Utilities (household gas)

I must admit just how excited I am for all the 0's. 

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