Sunday, November 3, 2013

No Spend November

It's that time of year again. No Spend November. That's right, folks. The goal is to severely limit the spending. Besides the fact that I was nuts last month, I need to save, save, save. 

November 1
.99 book. Yeah, yeah, it was on my wish list and massively on sale and the proceeds go to charity... Okay, I will stop with the justification lol.... but when I bought it, I had also forgotten that it was November.

Credit Card 

Those sorta gotta be paid... well the first one for sure. The doggy and I like having our roof over our heads. 

Groceries 41.55

November 2


November 3


I like two days in a row of 0's. Going to shoot for a few more of them, too. 

But it means no fast food on the way home and no diet cokes on the way to work. 

I am actually excited about doing this in 2013. 2012 bombed and I don't want to fail two years in a row!

Who is with me?

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