Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Columbus Cottage Number 5

 One of my favorite days. The day we hold a key ceremony and give the keys to a brand new house to an elderly person who had been living in substandard housing. I love my job and I love the company I have been fortunate enough to work with for almost 11 years. NeighborWorks Columbus truly believes in it's mission in providing access to fit and affordable housing.

 April 18 at 10, we held the most recent key ceremony. For recipient number 5. I love this picture. It shows the new house, the flag, our mascot HOMEE and Cynthia-- the chair of the Columbus Cottage committee.

 Mayor Teresa Tomlinson making a few announcements before the big event! I freely admit that I just adore our Mayor and take way too many pictures of her at these events.... but you won't really need me to tell you that.

Several of us hid in the kitchen so we could see Mr. Jones and the Mayor come through the door. Yes, it took us until house 5 to realize we would get better pictures from inside the house than taking pictures of the recipient going into the house. 

See, I told you I took lots of pictures of her. But everyone else was getting a tour and they were right there! Left to Right. Rev. Alfred Biggs of the Philadelphia Baptist Church in Lumpkin, Georgia; Mayor Teresa Tomlinson of Columbus, GA and City Councilor (and former Major League Baseball Player) Glen Davis

If you want more information or want to help with home Number 6, visit NeighborWorks Columbus's website or call 706 324 HOME (4663).

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