Wednesday, April 3, 2013

There are no words....

My baby brother and his baby girl recently went to a Father/Daughter dance at her school. She is in Kindergarten and is rocking the reading program. (Of course, she takes after her wonderful Auntie.)

I love seeing my brother, Lew, in his role of Daddy. He does it so well and I love watching Princess E bloom under the attention and adoration she receives from him.

I always hear stories about daughters and their fathers and it is not something I can relate to or even remotely understand. But when I see Lew and Princess E together, suddenly I know what it is and that Lew instinctively knows how says volumes about him as a person because he certainly didn't have a role model in our home of how a father should be-- more like what one shouldn't be.

But Lew is a natural. From the first moment I saw him with her (the day she was born! Yes, my sister and I took the day off to be with Lew and Debbie for this little Angel's birth.) I could tell that he was going to be a shinning example of Fatherhood.

I love this little girl. She is rocking her cupcake dress for Easter and she's doing it with jazz hands!. You can tell how happy she is and how strong and confident. I attribute those three things to her parents and am glad this little girl calls me Aunt.

Ed, Note: Can I just say how happy looking at jazz hands cupcake girl makes me ? Grin at my desk, looking goofy happy. Thanks Lew and Debbie for giving us this beautiful girl. 

Just had to get the whole family in! Glad they got Grandma (Debbie's Mom) to take a picture of all of them. Lew and Debbie have been married for almost 20 years... come August.

What an awesome example of love and family these three are and I am glad they are family to me.


  1. Awwww. We LOVE you too! He is the best Daddy ever!

    1. He always worried if he'd be more like Dad... he can rest assured he his nothing like him. I still remember "Super Baby" and him flying Princess E and making her giggle. Even after working all day and coming home tired. No time for rest-- gotta spend time with E. It makes my heart happy.