Monday, April 15, 2013

Tales From The Dogside


 I am Harley (the SuperDog)

There are some who will tell you I am spoiled.....

....but don't you believe 'em.

It's just not true.

Mama just loves me. 

She and Grandma know I like toys and that they keep me occupied and out of trouble. 

So I have a few toys. 

Just a few.

I think there are 15 or so toys in that pile. I have a toy box now. Mommy is trying to train me to put my toys away -- but between you and me, she just needs to watch where she walks. 

I can't help it that she keeps tripping over my toys! 

This is Elphaba... or rather, what is left of her. She was supposed to be indestructible.

Ha! The Kong folks haven't met this Super Dog!

Mommy loves Elphaba-- the real one-- but she pretty much liked this one, too.

Until I ate her head. 

All that is left is her hat and her tentacles. 

Sorry, Elphie, you were a good toy but I still play with you.

Yep, your hat still gets thrown around and I play fetch better than any dog alive!

The weather was so nice Friday and Saturday that Mommy opened the front door and got some fresh air. 

I stood for hours looking outside and Mommy kept trying to get my picture. 

She thought she could be sneaky but she should know better! 

My SuperDog hearing hears the sound the flash makes so I move... and when she turns the flash off, I still know what she's doing... and I move.... 

She knows I have my eyes on her!

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