Thursday, May 9, 2013

Calm and Joy: Weekend Goals

In an effort to live a more simple, deliberate life, I have decided that there are moods and ideals that my haven needs to provide.

Because I am aware that there are many in this world who have much less, it is my honor to take care of that haven to make it everything I need it to be for me.

In looking at these tasks as joys to complete to ensure that my haven remains so rather than chores that must be done... I find a better peace of mind and far more pleasure. It makes me feel better and gives me a much better frame of mind.

For this weekend (my days off work-- Friday, Saturday and Sunday) I sat down and thought what needed to be done the most-- we have had so much rain that the grass is out of control. I want a place in the back yard where I can sit at my table and meditate and write. Or read. So in a few minutes I had a small list of things that -- weather permitting-- I would like to accomplish in an effort to create more calm and find more joy.

  1. Mow the yard-- front and back-- with the bag on to get as many of the leaves as I can.
  2. Wash the shutters (first step in repainting them)
  3. Deliver the items to be donated and get them out of the house (my haven)
  4. Take the recyclables to the street for the City to pick them up.
  5. Meditate in the new, more peaceful back yard.
So, since it is supposed to rain Saturday (again!) I better mow and wash the shutters Friday. That way it is out of the way and the newly mowed yard can absorb the new rain water.

The recyclables will go out Friday morning along with the garbage and the donated items can be delivered Saturday in the rain.

Depending on where I move the table to and how hard it is raining... it has a big umbrella and, as long as the wind isn't blowing at hurricane level.. I can sit outside in the rain and meditate and read. The dog won't like that but that's ok, too!

Calm and Joy are my words for 2013 and quite possibly forever as I learn how to incorporate those two ideals into my life and my haven.

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