Thursday, March 28, 2013

50 by 50

This post was originally published on my old blog in June 2012. I wanted a record of it here so I am re-posting it.
  1. Hot air balloon ride
  2. White water rafting
  3. Spend a week (or a long weekend) at a beach house
  4. Lose at least 50 pounds
  5. Pay off debt
  6. Go somewhere new
  7. Stand up for myself
  8. Write a book– novel- ebook… not going to put limits on it
  9. Take a cruise
  10. Learn how to use my DSLR and all of its functions
  11. Give up diet coke
  12. Grow my blog
  13. Organize shed and storage room
  14. Save 3,000 (ok the original goal said 10,000 but it is only 4 years and I do have debt that needs to be paid off first)
  15. Give up sugar
  16. Update master bedroom
  17. Finish House repairs (master bath, new roof (Feb 2012), replace and paint fascia boards)
  18. Create backyard sanctuary
  19. Let my hair grow back out
  20. Drive cross country
  21. Add 5-10 new states to my “Spend a night in every state goal” (so far I am at 22 + Washington DC)
  22. Complete Birthday Random Acts of Kindness Completed 11/12/2011
  23. Go Minimalist!
  24. Attend Blogging/Writing/Photography conference
  25. Take a Photography Class
  26. Drive from Key Largo to Key West and drive over 7 mile bridge
  27. Plan my Paris getaway
  28. Ride a Segway
  29. Sell sterling silver demitasse set
  30. Create a piece of artwork
  31. Get organized/Reduce clutter
  32. Visit Niagara Falls
  33. Go through books and pare down (this is half way complete!)
  34. Do something with the contents of Mom’s record cabinet
  35. Learn Georgian
  36. Convert CD’s to digital music and get rid of CD’s
  37. Convert Mom’s slides to digital pictures
  38. Organize closets
  39. Go through all paperwork and reduce
  40. Scan all my photographs from Georgia
  41. Be happy
  42. Have a successful pain management plan
  43. Plant or grow a flower garden
  44. Replace screen door on the sliding glass door
  45. Paint the kitchen cabinets
  46. Create a dragonfly garden
  47. Learn how to meditate and do it daily
  48. Go on an adventure
  49. Learn how to cook
  50. Participate in an athletic event

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