Monday, March 4, 2013

Random Light

In no particular order these are some pictures I have taken over the last few months. I think the earliest might be October and they go through Thanksgiving, Hanukkah, Christmas. I didn't really notice a trend until I downloaded everything into Dropbox and could see them side by side over the months. 

 My friend Yvonne and her husband, Andy, drove over to Atlantic Station in early December to see the lighting of the Christmas Tree there. I took a ton of pictures that night.. and there are some that have way more light. There were all sorts of lighted animals but I loved this one most. Because quite unintentionally I got the moon in the picture and I think it makes it that much more beautiful.

Of course, a tree lighting requires a stop at the cheesecake place. Even when taking pictures of my scrumptious dessert, I had to have the flicker of the candle. That was an awesome piece of cheesecake and I couldn't even finish it!

 This was taken at Belloo's., My favorite Martini and Cigar bar. I was playing with the HDR settings and drinking a glass of Moscato. I liked how the overhead lights played with the glass.

 My brother and sister in law have a 6 year old. I can't decide what I liked best.. the light from the high window, the tree and star lights or the mantle lights. I liked that I could get them all in the picture. We are going to ignore the fact that I didn't edit this photo and take the TV light out!

 In December  I had to go to Washington DC for business and stayed at the Grand Hyatt. My room (because I checked in obscenely early) was on the 6th floor. I prefer higher floors with better views of night lights. This is the view from the landing outside the elevators on the 6th floor looking down at the lobby. One of the prettiest hotels I have ever stayed in and they were actually undergoing renovations so it's going to be even more gorgeous when they are done. 
 This is the view looking up at the ceiling from the 6th floor elevator landing. 

 When you travel during Hanukkah, you take your menorah, cards and candles with you. Or at least I do. I made sure I had dripless candles so I didn't tick the cleaning crew off. As you can tell from the hideous view that the 6th floor of the Grand Hyatt does not afford you awesome views. Oh well. 

During the training I had an occasion to attend a symposium held at the Renaissance Hotel down the street near the Hyatt. In their lobby I saw my FIRST EVER Hanukkah decoration in a public place. Yes, I am 47 and this is MY FIRST. I asked them if I could take a picture to commemorate that special occasion. PS for those that don't know... it was the 4th night of Hanukkah! 

 In November I had Thanksgiving at my friend Yvonne's parents just outside Atlanta. I loved these candle holders and the way she had decorated the whole house. I almost asked if I could light the candle just for the picture! But I was a better guest than that. I did take left overs home though, so it was all good!
 I think this picture is probably the oldest of the set because I took it at the key ceremony for our 5th Columbus Cottage Resident and I think that was spring.. His parents planted the pecan tree when they got married and moved into the house many, many years ago. Our Cottage program demolished the old house and built him a new one on the same footprint. He simply asked that we spare the tree. The day we gave him the keys to his new house, I saw the sun coming through the pecan tree and I felt like his parents were watching and smiling knowing their son would spend the remainder of his days in a safe and healthy home. 

OK I promise I do not have a problem with alcohol. I rarely drink it. But the dragonfly wine glass came from a friend and I loved how the light of the candle below (which isn't in the picture) is reflected in the wine and the shadows that are created. (I'm sure it is Moscato again, that's about all I drink these days. 

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