Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Repost: Random Acts of Kindness

Over a four day birthday weekend in 2011, I completed a long held dream. I had wanted to complete a Random Acts of Kindness Birthday.

That weekend in November 2011 was my 46th birthday and it wasn't easy... but it was worthwhile and so very wonderful.

This was posted on my last blog and I wanted to transfer it and the pictures over to this blog in the hopes that it would remind others that sometimes it is just as special to give for your birthday instead of receiving.

1. Gave flowers to a lady at Olive Garden. I wanted to pick a gray haired woman to remind me of my Mom. The lady couldn't have been more stunned. I walked up to her Friday afternoon and said "it is my birthday weekend and I bought you some flowers". She was taken aback and said "But don't you want them?" I said, "No, I bought them for you". John and I then were seated a few tables away from them and we went about our business. A few moments later, she came over to the table holding the flowers and said, "Are you sure you don't want them? They are so beautiful." I explained that for my 46th birthday this year I was going to complete 46 random acts of kindness and that I wanted to share the flowers with her to help celebrate my birthday and kindness. She even let me take her picture. (Which I have blurred a little bit to help protect her privacy.)

 2. John bought groceries for the woman in front of us at the grocery store. She was apparently getting ingredients to make a few pies. Hmmmm, she didn't invite us over for pie. Rats! His present to me. :-)

 3. Took cherry turnovers to Mr and Mrs Mesa. Cherry are her favorite and these were fresh made!

 4. Took grocery carts back to the store at Publix.

5. Read two books- a Wizard of the Oz 3-D book and Cloudy With A Chance of Meatballs to Kalilah at Barnes and Noble. I think I could have read all day but her Mama was ready to go.

6. Took two kennels to PAWS- the local animal shelter. They were overjoyed and thought the whole idea was one worth repeating!

 7. Adopted a Soldier. All I will tell you about him is initials are CL and he is from Alaska, Stationed at Fort Bragg NC and deployed to Afghanistan. The rest- for his security- I will not mention.

 8-10. Gave three cards to Moms with babies thanking them and telling them how much they were appreciated.

 11. Called 911 and reported a fire. There were several along I-185N and I was concerned because of homes and businesses. So many people think, oh well, someone else will do it... and don't act. I figured even if someone had called; it was better to be safe than sorry.

 12. John and I offered a ride to three women walking down Forrest Road. It was chilly that night and we attempted to give them a chance to warm up and get where they were going. Alas, they turned us down.

 13. Took a veggie and cheese tray to the elderly lady and her ill daughter who live next door. She will be 81 this month and said that doing something like this reminded her so much of my Mama. The best compliment anyone could have given me! She lost a daughter this year and has had a pretty bad time of it here lately.

 14. I paid for a free movie for a customer at a RedBox Kiosk. She got a horror movie and I told her not be cursing me out when she got all scared!

 15. Left a note for the Postman thanking him for his service.

 16. Donated items to charity. I gave household goods, clothing and technological items to the Valley Rescue Mission. They will probably sell them in one of their stores to help raise funds for the mission.

 17. Picked up trash in the parking lot. (And PS peeps, stop littering. Pick up after yourselves.. is it too much to ask that you put your own trash away and leave the planet a nicer place than you found it?)

 18-25. Gave tokens to 7 children at Chuck E Cheese. Yes, seven. I looked for the youngest children. Those who often accompany older siblings but never get coins of their own because they are too young. They each got tokens from me and could play several games apiece.

 26. Took muffins to the Sunday School Class. Chocolate chocolate chip, blueberry and apple/cinnamon. The house smelled so good after making them!

 27. Took blankets to Church for the homeless.

 28. Poured coffee for people after Sunday School. Everyone was getting ready to head over to the services and had their hands full.

 29. Made a donation to the Valley Interfaith Partners for Homeless Awareness Month.

 30-34. Bought coffee for the next five customers at Waffle House on Macon Road.

 35. Let someone go in front of us in the line at Bed Bath and Beyond

 36. Gave a free desert to a random customer at Speakeasy. John took me to dinner and I chose the Speakeasy since it's casual and a local establishment. So technically this was two acts in one.. since I was supporting a local businesses and giving away a dessert.

 37-39. Gave balloons to three children at Publix. Jayden let me take his picture. And yes, if anyone is wondering, I picked balloons the color of Elphaba from Wicked (Don't judge me!).

 40. Gave a $10 Sonic (restaurant) card to the first customer coming out of Winn Dixie wearing Red, White and Blue. He even had an Eagle in front of American flag on his belt buckle.

 41. Thanked EVERY PERSON who wished me a happy birthday. This included the 71 people who wished me happy birthday on facebook. That took FOREVER!

 42-45. Delivered cards to four customer service workers throughout the weekend thanking them for their service and how much it was appreciated.

46. Delivered coffee and donuts to Fire Station #7 (Buena Vista Road) and thanked them for their service.

 This was the most amazing weekend. I met some of the most wonderful people and experienced feelings of absolute joy. A special thanks goes out to John who helped me do each and every one of these acts! And even did one of them as a present for me.

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