Monday, October 7, 2013

Project 53:3 IRC

This weekend I drove up to Lebanon TN to the Indie Romance Convention. Yeah, this is my name badge. It's my first as a blogger for a conference like this! I really hope it is not the last!

Red Phoenix and I  Friday night!

Bethany, Holly R and I.... I just love Holly's books and she's got an amazing story to go along with it. We all ate Mexican Saturday night and then Bethany and I went to Red and her husband's party over at their hotel!

Red after getting all set up for Saturday's book signing!

Red Friday night. Yeah, these pics are not in order but dragging them around, uhmm not gonna happen!

Red Saturday morning before the marketing and promoting panel. Looking beautiful and confident!

Her gorgeous tattoo... this one is real!

Part of a demonstration Friday night... T using the violet wand on C

Yay! A Brie bumper sticker I can use on my ride! The first one I got was clear with black writing.. so it didn't show up on my car!

The new mask is hanging on the lamp and it's a bright pink/fuchsia.... now I have three!

We all put temporary tats on at the party at Red and her hubby! She took a picture and posted it to her web site! I have had two showers since Saturday night and it's still going strong!

Most of the swag I brought home from TN... the pink bag was heavy and I could barely carry it... there are also a stack of autographed books and two sets of glasses, a set of coffee cups and a bottle of wine! The throw and spa socks will get lots of use this winter and I don't think I have to buy pens for awhile now.

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