Monday, September 23, 2013

Project Saturday: A Year in Saturdays

I read a post the other day about the number of Saturdays from the time a child is born until they go off to college. 

Now, I don't have children but the number astounded me. Something like 940.  That seemed so low to me. But it got me thinking. 

We put off things-- until the next day, the next week, the next month. 

We either live so far in the past or so far in the future. (And yes, by we, I so mean ME)

A former counselor of mine told me that one way to slow my panic and anxiety attacks down was to stop living in the past and future and be more mindful. 

So my new project. Project Saturday is a year of being mindful. Doing something and paying attention to that something enough to photograph it. For 52 Saturdays.

A Year in Saturdays!

And wouldn't ya know? The first Saturday was totally rainy. 

But I was with my niece so who cares, right? Water wont kill us. 

Granted it cut down on the number of pictures and certainly influenced which camera I was going to use. Hmmm the water proof or the DSLR? 

Yeah, I went with the water proof Fuji and my iPhone... 

But the first Project Saturday submission (and nothing like getting it up late... ) is....

the 2013 East Atlanta Strut. 

Yes, Lewis and Debbie went on to the Strut to set up and get it all ready. Princess E and I stayed at the house for a little bit and we did "projects" That included making a snake and a monkey.... hmmm where did my picture of the monkey go? I know I had one. 
Princess E goes to Burgess Peterson Academy and they had a thing for the parade. She wore her Daisy uniform and walked with her Daisy's... but it was raining way too hard during the parade to get decent pics no matter which camera I used. The bag on her back has her eye patch and her pirate head scarf... there was a  pirate theme to the kids play area this year. Both her parents were in full pirate garb and I somehow took so many of their daughter... I didn't take any of her parents. Oooops!

But when you get to the Strut early you get to be first at face painting. 

My little butterfly is just tooooooo cute. 
Aren't all pirate ships captained by Butterflies?
I think they are!

Yes it was raining. It was 71 degrees but hey it's the East Atlanta Strut so one must have a King of Pops... and this one was creamy coconut!

Had to get some obligatory rain shots... just to show ya the rain and that people were out anyway.

There were puppies at this table but they didn't like the rain... and they weren't quiet about their dislike either. 

The only reason I am including this picture. And P.S. cotton candy doesn't work in humid rainy conditions... but I saw this picture when I was downloading them and, of course, that is Emilia standing their with her hand on her hip behind her Mama. 

But standing that way she looks just like MY MAMA!  Mama would toss out that hip and throw a hand up and I can't count the number of times I saw her stand just like that!

After I saw my peeps walk in the parade, I headed on back to the house. I grabbed a sandwich and my iPad and I sat down on their back porch to listen to the rain while I had some lunch. 
I love the idea of sitting outside listening to the rain while I read and really want to do something like that to my back patio... 

It was very restful and calming and peaceful! I realized after a few minutes that I wasn't reading; I was just being... and that made it a perfect example of mindfulness.

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