Saturday, September 28, 2013

Project 52:2

September 28, 2013

The weather is unbelievable! Knowing that the plan was to get outside and do something, I found the Ole Chipley Town Fair up in Pine Mountain as an end point. 

I just got in the car... no gps... no map... no plan.... just me and a diet coke. And Alt Nation on my satellite radio. I headed up GA 85 toward Pine Mountain. 

I rolled the window down and turned the radio up... It was gorgeous outside and I felt myself relaxing with each mile. 

GA 85 veered off to Alt GA 85 and that seemed like a sign so I took it....went way beyond Pine Mountain on Alt 85 and I was enjoying the cool weather, the sun, the tunes. I eventually made it to GA 85 and went ahead and headed back South. 

Came into Manchester and found this cute little train car.... I held the camera up and could see the bokeh even through the viewfinder and knew I had my shot.  

I continued on South and eventually saw GA 209 and decided I'd take that... didn't know exactly where it would go but I "felt" like it was headed back perpendicular and guess what? 

I was right!

I took 209 over to GA 27 and went on up past Callaway Gardens... it's about time to go back there one Saturday once the leaves all turn... but from Callaway Gardens, Pine Mountain is just down the road. 

I drove through the town... it was packed with folks visiting for Ole Chipley. I saw more mums than people it seemed like. Lots of people had set up yard sale tables and the place was packed. 

I didn't want to blow my relaxation buzz so I didn't really want to deal with all the people and after driving through town turned around and headed back down South on 27. 

Just on the other side of Callaway Gardens is this scenic over look... across the street from the Old Country Restaurant. I have eaten there a bunch of times and I love to eat at the big picture window that over looks a valley like this... just the other side of it.

But I pulled in and actually got out of the car and walked over to the fence. Views like this remind me of home.... although home is much better..... 

This will so much prettier once the leaves turn....

And I got back in the car and headed South. About thirty minutes later I was back in Columbus and realized I had been smiling almost all day!

Good times!

Yes I drew this as a map like representation of my journey today. I started with the line on the right. I headed north and looped around and then back over and up. before turning back south (the left line) and back home. It was amazing! 

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