Thursday, June 20, 2013


Wow go to Kansas for a couple of days and you come back to three interns, a major survey to be done in the community, 4 grants due and 6 reports... all due in June.

I have pictures from that trip and will get them up soon.

But first. I just had to post these pictures from this past weekend.

As we all know, I love dragonflies. LOVE. I had one sitting at the house all weekend. It liked to rest on the antennae of the cars in the driveway.

The dog and I named him Paul-- that's how long he was there. He let me get close to him. Even with my camera.
 As close as I dared at first.

 But then he let me take two steps closer and he never flew away!
 Thank goodness for my 50mm lens!
 I had never seen a dragonfly around here with any color.. Always wanted to and now I can say I have. I told myself that he lifted his back end up because he was happy.

I just hoped it didn't mean he was scared. Because he was beautiful.
Or is he a she? How do you know in the dragonfly kingdom?

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